DWH Cloud Migration

Time to empower your business with DWH Cloud Migration Architecture

Development of analytical systems

Analysing internal processes and competition requires an agile and flexible architecture. Today this is no longer an advantage, it is an obligation.

Data mining consultancy and development

Convert your business data into your products’ driving force

Data team building

Data science domain experts, competent at thoroughly understanding the process and leaders in defining, building and refining data teams


  • Experienced specialists in a highly proactive environment.  We provide a distinct approach to customary consultancy, based on long-term relationships and first-rate projects.
  • Having worked in various sectors for several years, transforming data into value, we embarked on Biability’s cutting-edge business project in April of 2018.
  • We believe that on-premise migrations to cloud services are a solid basis for all company transformations. We are the ideal team for your projects.
  • Eager to demonstrate just how feasible these projects, which have an impact on cost reduction from the outset actually are.
  • We don’t just settle for architecture but place emphasis on defining, integrating and migration of data. Our greater purpose is supporting our clients in their goal of becoming data-driven, effective and ethical companies.
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What we offer


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We innovate

Innovation enthusiasts who love to create smart products and services.


We advise

Employing methodologies, such as Data Maturity Level, we can define strategies and the state of your business for a 100% data-driven approach.


We analyse

We apply descriptive and inferential techniques, statistical methods, data mining and deep learning algorithms.


We build

Cloud services allow you to minimise time-to-market, and give you the scalability and reliability you need for your business.

If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old

Peter F. Drucker

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What we offer

Migration of on-premise DWH architectures to the cloud

The pay-as-you-go model, decoupling of computation and storage, as well as native support for semi-structured data, building a new generation of capacities for your business that will transform your decision-making.

Migration processes are not easy processes, they require experience and tools that reduce risks to a minimum and ensure their correct execution in terms of cost and time.

The best strategy, in line with your DWH topology, is selected and each stage of the project is defined by us.

  • Preparation
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Validation
  • Production start-up

Strategies for migrating architectures to the Clous: The six R’s

Development of analytical systems

  • Consultancy and advisor. We will assist you with your DWH design, making sure all your business needs are met. We recommend what cloud service options would best suit and what the best implementation strategy is for you, in line with your personal specifications. Creation of POCs to optimise decision-making.
  • Development. We model and implement ETL processes, data streaming or solutions based on data lake. Our Agile development model allows for value-added solutions.
  • BI Tools. We create analytical value using key tools, Front-ends and/or BI suites: Business Objects, Tableau, Looker, etc.
  • Maintainence. Monitoring and execution of processes. Such as SLA security follow-up, performance and dimensioning of services (Cost governance).

Machine Learning Consultancy and systems development.

CRISP-DM standard processes, ensuring an ethical and cost-effective implementation of data mining projects.

Ethical because we ensure that the algorithms used are transparent and aligned with the organisations’ responsibility to their users.

Cost-effective because we measure their effectiveness in financial terms. Use case in fraudulent transaction identification, e-commerce recommendations, predictive maintenance, clustering and PLN for sentiment analysis in social networks.

Integrating these services in your transactional system and adding value in the very first stages of your project.

Building Data teams

Unfortunately, in some organisations, there are many cases where data teams are unable to integrate effectively. We are here to help you reach your objective and your key processes empowering your data teams to implement the correct integration into your organization.

  • Current state of the company’s data teams and definition of departmental strategy.
  • Use cases definition.
  • Recruitment and training, team building.
  • External consultancy to CDOs and training.
  • Development methodologies and training definition.

To collaborative team members, completing one another is more important than competing with one another.

John Maxwell

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Outlier Detector

Our outlier detection product has been developed in the automotive sector, with the aim of generating predicitve maintenance alerts on assembly line machines.

Outlier detection has multiple applications in many sectors and products. It generates the following advantages:

  • Low cost in high data volume systems (IOT, e-commerce, etc.)
  • Supervised or unsupervised method depending on the process.
  • Integration with other pipeline components: ETL, NodeRed, OPC, Scada, etc.
  • Descriptive analytics.
  • Results and monitoring of the profitability of the model.


Cloud Migrator

Our experience of on-premise DWH BBDD migration (Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, Vertica, etc) to the cloud (Snowflake, BigQuery &  Redshift, which helps in significantly speeding up migration processes, has empowered us in developing automation software.

  • SQL code conversion.
  • Teradata One-Shot migration to Snowflake automatization migration processes.
  • POC’s automatization assisting in the decision-making process & which Cloud destination to use.
  • Cost and sizing planning.


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